Thursday, July 5, 2012

Updated Review List and Stats Comparisons Page

So, a week ago, I had just a brief list of all of the books I've reviewed. I've expanded that page, and for now it's titled "Book Reviews: Main List and Stats Comparisons." It's got a list of all of the books I've reviewed in alphabetical order by title, and then by author. That's the easy part.

The more controversial part follows it, in which I place the scores I've given each book side by side. I think it's a lot of fun and also very revealing to try something like this, but I have little doubt that people are going to quibble with some of the placements. That's okay. I quibble with some of them myself. Quibble away. If you're quibbling, it means you're thinking and making me think.

I've got some predictions about the comparisons that will bother people the most, but I'm going to keep them to myself until readers have had a chance to voice their thoughts. And I'm very curious to know whether you think the comparisons are a worthwhile endeavor, regardless of how right or wrong I may seem to be in specific instances.


  1. Hah! Twilight is pissed off at you :D Me gusta!

    1. Twilight had an inferiority complex from the beginning. But, it's rich, so it all balances out.

  2. LOL! Stumbled upon your blog and cracked up at the drawing, that's fab!