Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dystopia and the post-apocalypse

We're roadtripping through Zion National Park today, and won't be back to California until the weekend, so this is just a quick post to let you know we're still alive. It's a great region of the country to imagine the apocalypse. For some schlocky post-apocalypse movie fun set in the no-man's land middle of the country, check out A Boy and His Dog or Idaho Transfer.

Also, in honor of dystopian/post-apocalyptic literature, and my finally getting through the last of the Hunger Games trilogy, here's a great infographic I came across that gives some interesting historical comparison points for the genre.



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    1. It's a pretty good hub for a lot of things, but I always enjoy getting away from this concrete jungle. We're only here for a few days before we leave town for more reunions.